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This site is divided into five sections:

This section is for anyone with an independent Hotel, a B&B, or an Events Business (Weddings etc), or anyone with a Holiday Let or other Building asset that you could promote for holiday lets.

This section is only for our Domestic Services - for our own Franchisees in our Cleaning Agency business.

Basic principles of marketing, plus specific novel and 'secret' marketing keys, most of which you will not read about elsewhere. Examples given are suitable for most services. How might these Marketing keys unlock extra income marketing your own service?

Sales presentations, Calls to Action, prospect 'quality', all elements that combine into a selling process without needing a 'sales person'. Marketing is about generating enquiries, sales is about converting enquiries to sale; great ideas implemented successfully.

What we can do for you, starting with our Marketing Audit to see what you are specifically missing in your business. We'll identify the best ideas you're missing out on right now.

We'll forecast how you could grow your own sales using these specific new ideas, once adapted specifically to your own service. We set a growth target and lay out a structured path including actions and resources, to achieve the agreed target.

There is a lot of content on this site, this is more of a book than a website. This site should be bookmarked and dipped into from time to time, for inspiration when you need it!

Innovative & Inspirational Marketing Keys
to unlock new income from your business today

Necessity is the mother of invention. If you have high outgoings, or are spending more than you are earning in your business, then you have two choices - cut costs or increase income.

Otherwise it's game over!

If your business is doing fine, you can always improve it. If you look, you'll find a way to increase sales and income. Why stand still? Even if you are doing well, you can always do better

I took a risk when I bought a castle in Wales. I'm normally cautious. I prefer to save money. The castle was my 'Escape to the Country', with a holiday B&B business add-on, just bigger. A 'lifestyle business'. A change after 20 years in a terrace in London.

Some said it was a silly thing to do. It was. That I was a fool. I was.

I've had to think up many marketing ideas to promote it, to make it 'work' as a business. The project requires a pioneer - in marketing.

The Castle had £3m spent on it. It needs the same again. Bits fall down, or off. It's a money-pit metaphorically and literally. A sink-hole swallowed a staff member's car. It made the National News.

A lick of paint in the sitting room turned into a £100k refurb as the ceiling fell down. Disasters are routine at the Castle.

I bought a hot tub on a whim at Builth Wells County Show then spent £150k on a new sports room to house it. With cross trainers, cycles, weight lifting kit etc, it became a proper gym - nice showers too.

The sports room looked out over a derelict Conservatory - an eyesore. So I restored the Conservatory (£150k) as well, to improve the view from the Sports Room. A useful room though; we'd not be hosting 120 weddings a year without it!

I'd only wanted a few en-suites, to do a bit of B&B. The chance purchase of a Hot Tub at a County Show in 2004 prompted me to restore two ground floor rooms, creating a large wedding venue.  

The mortgage - £120k a year eats up any profit. Expenses so often exceed income that I often re-mortgage, just like in Monopoly. In one year I bumped it up to £1.2m, paid most of it off, then bumped it up again. I need  to be inventive with marketing ideas. I do not have a choice.

Unless you are under similar pressures, you have a choice. You can do nothing!

When you have 'no choice', you do something!

If your business is facing 'no choice' escalating costs, you'll love this site; it's full of marketing ideas that work.

Especially if you have a hotel, little or small, or even a little B&B or holiday letting business. Or any service or leisure business!

These ideas work in any service business. I provide a consultancy service to service sector businesses, to increase sales.

If your business is experiencing increased costs, higher staff costs, higher business rates, and higher electric bills (as all of us are), you'll want to do something.

There are ways to increase turnover and sales. You Will Not Believe what you can achieve!  

Until you do it - then  it'll seem normal.

Discover on this site, new Marketing Keys that'll keep your business going. You will ACT, prompted by your ever increasing costs - prompted by necessity.

You just have to keep kicking that magic money tree!  Now you can copy someone who's already kicking and shaking that Money Tree.

For effective marketing ideas are just that - read more on my Money Trees here!

Here's a question:

Using our Business Marketing Audit Service -

let me lay down a challenge to you personally

Could we together identify how you can increase your sales by at least 25%

using some of our Marketing Keys in your own business?

High overheads force you to be inventive. If you run a business, any business, the chances are elements of my Marketing System will work for you. What might your business achieve?

If I were to look at your business, right now, and find a 'Marketing Key' that would unlock high levels of new income and customers for you - doubling or tripling what you are earning now - what would you pay to unlock those profits?

10% - 20% of the increased turnover?


I know I would pay gladly for ideas that added tens or hundreds of thousands to my own income!  Only problem is, who can reliably do this?

I'd certainly be interested in working with someone who has done it, and is still doing it!

Useful knowledge is knowledge you can USE in your business, right now.

Marketing keys that are specific and effective and work for you are of inestimable value to you.

Could we together increase your own business's income by 25% or more year on year

and keep doing this year on year?

In your dreams?

Or in reality... read more here

Enquire about our Business Recovery Service here

Craiig y Nos Castle as seen from Penwyllt mountain road

Sell Value by Dominating your Niche

In the independent
small business sector, our task is to sell greater perceived value by skilfully developing new and loyal niche markets.

The internet does allow us to target tight local niches and to attract hungry buyers, but we have a problem getting seen. While everyone else is fighting to get to the top of Google, is there a better way?

Attention fellow Hoteliers:

Increase your bookings by £50,000 or more a year from Year two - Read more here.

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