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Service 3: Email Advice improving your existing Marketing Strategy

5. Our offer for you

Email Advice on Marketing
No Charge for existing clients

For Clients Only:

Enter your query on the form on the right. I will see if I can answer your Marketing Question with some useful advice. I may or may not have a bright idea for you. Just outline your targeted service, who you are aiming at, what your special offers are, note what works currently for you and what does not, and pose your marketing query.

You may also enquire about our marketing services here.

Unlimited free email advice is available under our full All In One Marketing Service.

Innovative & Inspirational Marketing Keys
to unlock new income from your business today

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Promoting your Hotel or B&B


How to increase your hotel's bookings

Marketing your Hotel - what we can do for you

Calling All Hotels who need to grow turnover ahead of costs

How our hotel found its customers - ideas you can use

Find your own Money-Making Marketing Keys here


Our Services to promote your business


7-Point summary of how we will grow your business - start here

Marketing Audit: find specific Marketing Keys that will boost your business now

Marketing Training Course for your staff and Managers on your Key Money-Making Marketing Tasks

Marketing Hotels & Events - All-in-One Marketing Service - Results Guaranteed

Marketing your Hotel - Our £50,000 annual turnover increase guarantee

Marketing Advice by email - client advisory service

For a Weekly Marketing Tip - subscribe here


Niche Marketing Opportunities


Niche Marketing - why it works

Niche Offer Websites - Case Study and Benefits of Niche Websites

Niche Offer Website Service

Discover new Marketing Opportunities here - Be Inspired!

How 'Marketing Necessity' will always accelerate your business to unexpected highs

Find your 'Marketing Mojo' here


Sales & Marketing Tips


Why promoting your business is an Owner's Responsibility alone

Sales & Viewings Presentations

Marketing Keys that will grow your business - explained

Time Management Manual - bed-time reading; my free booklet on Time Management

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