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Service 1: A detailed audit of your current Marketing Strategy

5. Our offer for you

Book your Marketing Audit
then complete the preparation phase below

Limited client numbers can be accepted at any one time due to the work involved. The Marketing Audit Service will take at least four days of my time after the Site Visit. More than one site visit may be needed. Once the information is gathered from you, a period of thought and analysis follows. I allow one week for each Marketing Audit to be completed and fully diagnosed. Therefore I can only take on one client a week for this service.

Service 1: A detailed Marketing Audit

Independent Marketing Audit

£1500 + VAT

Time: allow one day for the Marketing Audit and give yourself at least one day beforehand for the preparation phase below.

What do you do now - can we spot anything you're missing?

Since we are not an advertiser or an advertising agency, and as we are not promoting any particular form of advertising, our audit is independent and any assessments we make are completely impartial. I do however have a bias towards Niche Marketing as you will see on this website.

You can prepare for the Marketing Audit in advance by answering the following and emailing a summary of your findings to me in confidence at

Alternatively you can do nothing and we will investigate the below questions if you or your staff can provide the answers - or most of them - when we visit.

The preparation phase below may give you some ideas, so while the preparation will be time consuming, it is a most productive exercise.

Between us we will definitely spot some gaps in your marketing that will increase your sales and profits.

Our fee for a complete Marketing Audit is £1500 + VAT, with a visit to your premises. A site visit is essential. Travel expenses will be charged at 50 pence per mile plus VAT (calculated from DT9). More than one day may be required if the preparation phase below requires time to collect the data.

You will be given a personalised action plan for additional marketing activity once the Marketing Audit is completed.

The purpose of the Audit is to:

1. find out what works for you, and what does not, currently

2. determine what you are not doing that you could be benefit from right now

3. calculate the extra income you will obtain from the additional Marketing Keys


Turnover & Profit Increase Forecasts

after Marketing Audit


It will be possible to extrapolate an increase in turnover that will most probably result from specific Marketing Keys being applied once we have identified what you are and are not doing now.

For example, we know that ALFUS can double sales results, and NOWs with DEAL can also double sales results, based on our own experience.

Once your existing SPACCO conversion to sale ratios are known, it is simple enough to extrapolate the increase in revenue that will apply. It is simple enouogh to work out the effects if your current SPACCO conversion to sale ratios (your current 'statistical norm') are increased.

For example, if ALFUS move your Conversion to Sale from 1 sale : 10 Enquiries, to 1:5, you can extrapolate a doubling of sales.

Changes to the Sales Presentation and CTA's can also increase the Conversion to Sale ratios, as can all of the Marketing Keys. All we have to do is work out which Marketing Keys you are missing now that you could usefully use.

Innovative & Inspirational Marketing Keys
to unlock new income from your business today


Preparing for your Marketing Audit


In order to get value out of this service it would be sensible to set aside the time to complete any recommended marketing activity, or to have in place a member of staff able to implement the new marketing plan. Consider what personnel you have available. As much as possible should be done by your own Team, with appropriate training, rather than by me - to save you money!

It would be helpful to consider who among your existing staff could be usefully employed to complete specific marketing and monitoring tasks, according to their skills, commitment and interest.


Your Current Marketing Activity


1) List all marketing activities currently engaged in, including advertising, PR, mailings, website SEO, internet campaigns etc

2) What is your annual spend on each marketing source?  Divide into categories such as local papers, free magazines, directory websites, pay per click campaigns, website design work, radio, etc.

3) Can you create a 'source of enquiry' pie chart or graph?  If so, create a chart showing all your enquiries over last three years by source of enquiry. Do not bother doing this if you are unable to access the data.

4) Can you create a 'source of client' chart (i.e. clients only, which is different to the 'enquiries' pie)?  Create a chart showing all your sales by source of enquiry. Again only do this if you have the data available as there is no benefit in guessing it.


Cost of Current Marketing Activity

CPC - Cost Per Client


5) What is your cost per client overall?  Take your entire marketing and advertising spend in a year and divide by the number of clients you have signed up in the year. Do this over the last three years - for each year. Compare the Cost Per Client (CPC) for each year. If you can go back more than 3 years, please do so.

6) What is your cost per client by source?  This determines if certain marketing sources are worth your investment.

Calculate your ROI (Return on Investment) on each marketing source. Subdivide each category into the individual sources - e.g. directory websites should be assessed individually, so should all printed medi (if used). This does assume you have accurate source of enquiry data. I appreciate with prospects sourced via the internet this is not possible, but you will be able possibly to identify some directory sites and relate the number of clients to the cost of the directory website, and some of your advertising in other media may be related to the number of clients generated and so arrive at the cost per client by each known source.

7) Prepare a portfolio of samples of all advertising copy, leaflets, publications, offers. If most of your material is on line, provide links to any offers / Packages you have on line.


Conversion of Enquiries to Sale

Your current Statistical Norms


8) Using SPACCO (Suspect, Prospect, Appointment, Continuing Activity, Close, Order), work out your conversion to sale percentage rate by source. So for lead source type, "Referrals" you might get a 1:4 conversion rate, while for lead source 'Local Newspaper advert' you might get a 1:10 conversion rate. This is easily done if you have a database that holds all your enquiries with source of enquiry listed, provided each entry has a status code (such as CLT or PROSP) that differentiates Clients from Prospects. You are then able to get a conversion rate by source, counting total enquiries and total sales for each source of enquiry.

Do the same generally - i.e. for all Enquiries, using SPACCO, what is your overall conversion rate of Enquiries to sale?

If you have different sales people, what is the conversion rate to sale on Appointments, for each salesperson?

9) What does it cost to convert a sale - e.g. sales staff, follow up activity? This is the cost of the selling process which is different to the marketing process. The Marketing process is what it takes to generate the enquiry, and the sales process is what it costs to convert the enquiry to a sale.

What follow up activity is generally done?

10) What is your client conversion (sales) process with your leads?  What do you do with them?  What sales process do you operate with your enquiries?


Turnover & P&L

This section optional if confidential


You may wish to prepare this data but keep it to yourself ahead of our meeting.

11) Turnover last three years and marketing spend as a percentage of turnover, if known.

12) What is your profit per annum as a percentage of turnover?




13) What is your USP?  Your Unique Selling Point, this is what you consider sets you aside from everyone else.

14) What is your UPB?  Your Unique Perceived Benefit, this is what your clients decide is in it for them, the benefit they feel they get out of your service.


Niches & Offers


15) What and who are your niche markets? List all niches.

How do you promote these Niches now?

16) What Special Offers do you have that increase a prospect's reason to buy from you?

17) What offers have you promoted in the past that have worked and what offers have you promoted in the past that have not worked and why?


What will you get out of this exercise?


At the end of this exercise you will have an understanding of CPE (Cost per Enquiry) and CPC (Cost per Client) together with your overall spend on marketing and an idea of which areas of marketing work better than others, and which can be discarded.

We also need to look at what promotions you are doing, who they are aimed at, what works and what doesn't. What Niches can be exploited and developed better?

By comparing what you do with what we do and what we know other clients do, we can spot any obvious errors and omissions. For example, you may be missing a trick or two that others in your sector are reaping good income and sales from.

This exercise will point the way to cutting out unnecessary expenditure and reinvesting your marketing spend more effectively.

Just performing this audit yourself could yield dividends far in excess of the time you take to complete this exercise. For example on 'sources of enquiry' analysis we found some directory sites produce loads of enquiries, but no sales, so now we do not follow up that lead source. We found conversion to sale on some sources was much higher, and so more effort is made converting them to sale. In some cases a lead source may produce few enquiries but a high ratio of sales, so it is worth increasing the spend on that lead source to increase your more productive enquiries. We may also spot lead sources you have missed out on completely, which you could add to your marketing mix.

The overall conversion to sales rate on enquiries received will become known to you, and a target can be set to increase the percentages of enquirers buying from. What is the value of each conversion to sale percentage point increase? For example we increased from 3% conversion to 10% conversion 2012 over 2011. What effect would this have on overall sales in your business?

Innovative & Inspirational Marketing Keys
to unlock new income from your business today


VAT & Pricing of our Services


All prices quoted on this site are exclusive of VAT which will be added at the current applicable rate. Our VAT number and registered office address are below:

SelClene Ltd reg’d no 02667263

SelClene Ltd is registered in England & Wales with its registered address being at Craig Y Nos Castle, Brecon Road, Penycae, Swansea Valley, POWYS SA9 1GL

For VAT purposes
SelClene Ltd and its associated companies are registered as SelClene (Holdings) Ltd VAT registration 108 2592 22

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