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Members Club as a Staff and Directors' Benefit

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Craig y Nos Members Club

Consider this either as a staff or director's benefit.

Put your Membership 'on the business' and use Club Membership for discounted meetings and conferences at Craig y Nos Castle.

Why join Craig y Nos Castle Members Club?  

1) Saves you 50% on accommodation/ B&B.

2) Free use of venue's two lounges for small meetings and 25% off exclusive use of castle function rooms for large events.

3) No joining fee or membership fees - instead you pay a monthly advance payment of £30 PCM to build up a credit balance on your account, for use against B&B stays and meals etc at the Castle.

The Members Club is effectively free to join as your monthly payments are an advance payment for bookings you will make as a Member.

Becoming a Member gives you discounts on B&B and Event/ Party Bookings.

Monthly Membership of £30 PCM is offset (i.e. can be used up and spent) on your discounted B&B, party, meals, or event. Your advance payment each month secures the discounts below.

Special Discounted Members Only Event Tariff so you are able for example to hold parties and events at the castle ata reduced tariff while for informal meetings and small functions using smaller rooms (Breakfast Room and Nicolini Lounge) non-exclusively we offer free use of the venue for Members. (Non-members have to hire the rooms exclusively for any event).

To see more on the Members Club - visit our Members Club site to view the full Members Club information.

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Nicolini Reception  Lounge at Craig y Nos Castle

Your monthly payments will accumulate on your account with us. When you are ready to make a booking at the castle, your monthly payments can be 'used up' against accommodation and other bookings at the castle. Or you can gift a discounted stay at the Castle to a friend or relative, using your account's accumulated balance to settle their bill.

Should you wish to hold an event at the Castle, conference, or training course, then your Membership will afford you a considerable discount over the regular venue tariff. See here for more information on Craig y Nos Castle.

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