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Service 7: Constructing your first Niche Offer Website

5. Our offer for you

Niche Offer Websites

£1,750 + VAT

(Allows for upper limit of 50 hours over 2 weeks
- number of hours required is dependent on complexity)

Additional hours charged at £35/hr + VAT

First, read the Game-Changer - Marketing Key Four and Niche Marketing.  

Have you now fully understood the principle of a secondary website with a niche offer that visitors to your main site are directed to?  

This exercise will require some commitment on your part also, as much of the content will be supplied by you and then re-written by us. This is a potentially a major new marketing method for you.


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The skill here is not merely in designing a website - indeed it is not that difficult to design basic websites these days. The key elements are the content, the offer, and the CTA (Calls to Action).

A Niche Offer Website is not designed to be SEO prominent (though it may become so over time, in its niche). Primarily and certainly initially, it receives enquiries from your main site and converts them to Appointments for you.

The trick is to get the offer right and the method of response designed so anyone completing the on-line forms on the niche site, is making a real commitment to buy now. You do not want just a casual enquiry or 'window-shopper' - your main site can generate plenty of these.

You will continue to use your existing website to collect enquiries. You refer all enquiries to the Niche Site. You can have several Niche Sites each with their own offers.

A niche offer site is a secondary site that is all about increasing your sales with special deals that your customers will find excellent value, plus loads of pertinent information that is specifically relevant to their niche interest.

Innovative & Inspirational Marketing Keys
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What should the Niche website do?


1) Achieve higher conversion results in one of the elements of SPACCO - either in more people buying outright, or, more commonly, by encouraging more people to progress themselves from Enquiry through to Appointment, to Continuing Activity and Close.

2) Showcase any Special Offers you have that may have become 'lost' within your main site. Indeed you are going to be 'competing against yourself', pitting your Special Offer against your regular tariff.

3) Promote a specific niche - only ONE niche per site. It needs to be focused. You can always add additional sites for different niches.

4) Include some free information and guides to represent you as an expert in your field (see how has a free guide to getting married) and also, as of 2018, a comprehensive guide to getting married at the castle. This presents us as the expert in our field.

See also how the Dog site includes such essential information (for dog owners) as 'comfort areas'. Also plenty of information on 'running off the lead' and the local woodland dog walk and a host of other local dog walks - all the content on this site written as if by a dog, for a dog.

The Ghost site is partly written by the castle ghost and has a host of different ghost tours here and all-night investigations here. This is information of great interest to this niche, but not appropriate on a wedding site or a hotel wishing to promote its general B&B.

5) Niche sites allow for trading alliances with a LIMITED number of suppliers, whom you work with, ideally only one or two suppliers in each category. We have had a long 15 year relationship with one Ghost Tour Company who runs all our tours. This enables you to get their help promoting your site because they can market themselves as your 'approved supplier' in the relevant category. It also enables you to provide unique packages to your clients that you would never be able to do with your own staff resources and skills.

By creating more than one niche site, you can have a handful of suppliers exclusive to each site, each of whom can also promote the relevant niche site for your combined service.


What do you need to do to prepare?


1) Decide the niche service you wish to promote - your top seller, maybe, or your highest margin product, or your highest value service.

2) Assemble all marketing literature you have ever devised, specific to this niche

3) Decide on a Special Offer that ideally does not lose you money. See how on we give the bride and groom £3,000 to £4,000 (or more with higher numbers) off our regular wedding tariff, but we do not lose out because we require them to provide us with £3,750 worth of guest B&B income.

As the guests pay for their own B&B, this is not a problem for the bride and groom, who end up having the castle exclusive for free and a half price wedding breakfast. However our average income on the Special Offer, works out similar to the average income we had over all our 'regular tariff' weddings.

Can you come up with a Special Offer that is extraordinarily good value to your customers, yet does not cost you any loss of profits - averaged out?

4) Get all the photos you might want on the niche website organised into one place / folder / memory stick or CD and reduced in memory size ready for the website.

5) Write up some new wordings for the Home Page and for various other pages. I will re-write these as I see fit but need you to identify your key selling points.


What I will do


1) Amalgamate all the wording and pictures and create a simple user-friendly website using a very basic program and format. No flash, nothing complicated, nothing particularly 'clever' - just a good, readable, easy to navigate (on desktop and mobile phones) website.

2) Create Enquiry forms which will be directed to you, along with automated responses to customers and prospects. There is nothing complicated about this, but there should be use of the ACC (Alternative Choice Close) into a specific action. It will also need to be a secure site if taking payment details.

Hence if you look at you will see we have one option (view and stay) and another option (view without staying) together, plus two methods of booking (phone the appointment time through or email a time and date they're coming). Most book their appointments on the form and we just email confirmation and directions.

Note too that you are not creating enquiry forms for 'more information' - your main site can collect the enquiries. THIS site is designed to have a prospect ACT and move along the SPACCO path. So there is NO enquiry form, only a choice of ACTION STEP.

3) Identify some Directory Sites you should link the site to, even if this means being on the same Directory site twice. For example some sites have offer pages, as well as listings by area etc. Your main site may be listed within one category while the niche site could be under another category.

Niche sites also enable you to go into niche directory sites you may not have considered before. When I created my dog friendly B&B niche site, that will go only on the top 7 dog friendly B&B directory sites, whereas the main hotel site (which I did not create myself) will go on the main accommodation sites but only on one or two of the dog friendly sites.

4) Provide you with a list of key words to use for your own Pay Per Click AdWords campaign, identifying the most relevant and searched for Keywords applicable to your service. This will need to be on your Pay per Click account so you pay for the actual clicks. However this is something you may prefer to do yourself. Be aware of the need to clean out 'negative keywords' after a month or so. You will be surprised what you find people have clicked on you for, that you do not want to be paying for!

5) Your niche site should fulfil one of two objectives, or possibly two objectives.

A) It should be found in its own right. The site should eventually be within the top ten of Google within its own niche, though this can take a year and involve effort with links and SEO work. Some niches are more likely for you to get to Page One, to be found for a niche specific search, but some niche searches are not very 'popular'. We do find people search for ghosts and dogs friendly B&B, and of course, for weddings. The latter is so competitive our Niche site does not feature but the main Castle site is well optimised

If you have a well optimised main site, this will help you get the most out of a niche site. A niche site may eventually get higher up the rankings though this is not its initial purpose. It is primarily an improved converter of enquiries you already receive.

B) The site's main purpose is to receive leads generated by your existing marketing and your main website, and then to increase the conversion to sale of existing enquiries. Leads that your main site captures can be passed on to the niche site for conversion. You respond with an email to your existing prospects pointing them to the relevant special offer on the relevant niche site.

In time the niche site will act as both a marketing site, generating new enquiries within its niche subject in its own right, and as an extra 'salesperson' tasked with improving the percentage of your existing incoming leads that convert to sale.

Unlike a sales person whom you would have to pay £1500 or more a month in wages, once this site is up and running it will cost you a fraction of that - depending how much you want to promote it independently of your main site. Mind you, a £1500 AdWords campaign would go a long way on a niche site!

Once your first niche site is up and running and you can see it working, you may wish to consider additional niche sites, each one generating its own individual stream of income.

Innovative & Inspirational Marketing Keys
to unlock new income from your business today

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