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Ghost Hunting - another Niche Offer

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A Fright Night at Craig y Nos Castle, in the Haunted Bar

Ghost Hunting is very popular though it can be cold and dark and you may not actually see anything!

Once you've been once, you'll want to come again and again. Choose a fun Ghost Hunt for Hen Parties or a more serious Ghost Hunt with all the experiments, table tipping and so on.

Specify the type of party you have in mind - minimum group size 10 persons. Pricing starts low with the starter tour - the 'Share the Experience' Ghost Hunt.

The top package - our All Night Investigation at £99 per person includes Dinner, Bed and Breakfast, and the option of sleeping part of the night in the derelict areas, before retiring to the comfort and warmth of an en-suite.

See our Most Haunted Castle website and take our ghost tour and see lots of scary ghost stories here.

A Ghost Hunt at Craig y Nos Castle in South Wales
A Ghost Hunt at Craig y Nos Castle in South Wales

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