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The 'Marketing My Service' All-in-one Package that guarantees Growth

5. Our offer for you


The 'Marketing My Service' all-in-one Package

Ensuring your Business's Recovery

Growth Level Guaranteed*


*see more & terms

All our Marketing Services included in one complete, bespoke and tailor-made marketing package - You pay 15% of increased turnover attributable to our recommended business and marketing strategy via monthly retainer.


You may well ask

"What's in it For Me?"

1. When we agree to accept you as a client, we commit to you that the All-in-one Package will increase your turnover by £50,000 a year, from year two, and by £150,000 over three years, from year two.

2. You pay no more than 15% of the actual increased turnover we achieve for you.

3. There is no risk to you: subject to our Growth Guarantee Terms, if you do not achieve any increase in sales and bookings, you do not pay anything for this service.

4. If you achieve less than the £50,000 a year growth contracted for via your monthly retainer, we will reduce or suspend our monthly fee so you never end up paying more than 15% of the extra turnover actually achieved in Yrs 2,3 & 4.

5. The risk is therefore all mine, as if I do not increase your turnover using my Marketing Keys, I do not charge you a fee for the All-in-one Marketing Service.

6. This is a win-win exchange. You do what you do well, running your business, and I do what I do well, helping you in marketing your business to customers.


What is in
the All-in-One Service?

We combine all the marketing services on this site, to achieve a guaranteed* recovery (read more) in your business's fortunes.

We begin with a full Marketing Audit and review of your business. After the Marketing Audit, I will assess by how much I anticipate my marketing strategy will increase your turnover.

You pay 15% of your estimated increased turnover by means of an initial monthly retainer, subject to a minimum monthly payment of £500 PCM + VAT.

To enable us to honour our Growth Level Guarantee we will not take on clients who cannot achieve in our view a minimum of £50,000 a year extra turnover from Year Two (£150,000 over the three year period commencing from Year Two).

You will be invoiced for annual top ups to bring the balance of your payments to 15% of the increased turnover achieved.

The initial contract term is 3 years and the Growth Guarantee covers Years 2,3 & 4.

The sum of your payments are guaranteed not to exceed 15% of the turnover increase achieved in Years 2,3, & 4. Your monthly payments will be reduced or ceased entirely at the end of the first two years if the forecast turnover increase at this time looks as if it is not being achieved, subject to the terms and conditions here.


How to sign in to the

Marketing My Service All-in-one Package


Step 1: You complete the form here.

Step 2: I will quickly check your website and identify some initial Marketing Keys you could add, together with an initial broad indication of your return on investment.

Step 3: You complete the pre-Marketing Audit Preparation phase and submit the information requested therein - here.

Step 4: I will review the information you submit in order to prepare for the Audit visit.

Step 5: You email me with a choice of dates for the Marketing Audit. I will then complete my analysis of your pre-Marketing Audit preparation.

Step 6. SelClene Ltd will invoice you for the Marketing Audit in advance. Prepayment is required for this service, due to the estimated one week's work on analysis and assessment that I will need to complete prior to and immediately after the Marketing Audit day.

Step 7. On the Marketing Audit day I will visit you and conduct a full Marketing Audit.

Step 8. When your Marketing Audit is complete, I will confirm my assessment of the increase in turnover I anticipate our marketing strategies will generate.

Step 9. At this point you may subscribe to our Marketing My Service All-in-one service. Your monthly payments of £500 PCM are based on 15% of your anticipated increase in turnover which should be not less than £50,000 a year from year two. Since you have already paid for the Marketing Audit service, no payment is made for the first three months.

The Growth Guarantee kicks in only when you sign up for the All-in-one marketing service, at which point I am responsible for helping you achieve the increase in turnover we forecast.

Should you decide you are not ready to subscribe to the Marketing My Service All-in-one Package yet, and do not want the no-risk assurance of the Growth Guarantee, you may dispense with the guarantee and simply buy services and training individually, at the appropriate fee.

This allows you to opt in to any of the remaining Marketing Services individually but the Growth Guarantee will then not apply.

The second element of the Marketing Service you will now require, is the Marketing Training day.


Marketing My Service all-in-one



Once you become a
Marketing My Service all-in-one client, we create a bespoke Marketing Strategy and To Do List for your business.

This will require me to revisit, to train you and your staff in the new sets of sales tasks and marketing keys that need to be implemented. See more on training here.

As a client of the Marketing My Service all-in-one package, the cost of training your staff in the marketing keys is included within your monthly retainer. Alternatively, the sales and marketing training service may be booked as a stand-alone service.

I will also show you how (and help you) to create your first Niche Marketing Website to promote one key aspect of your business.

Your first Niche Offer Website will include a Special Package Offer to boost sales and income.

Marketing My Service All-in-one Package is an ongoing marketing strategy conducted over three years. It is funded by a monthly retainer based on 15% of your anticipated increase in turnover.

Your exact increase in turnover is monitored periodically and reconciled at the end of each financial year.

A top up payment is then invoiced equivalent to 15% of the increased turnover attributable to our business and marketing strategy, less the sum of monthly payments and any other payments already made in the period.

This service requires that we create at least one Niche Offer Website for you and that we can monitor sales income / turnover increases. A minimum of one Niche Offer Website is included, while any further sites will be charged for as per our Niche Offer Website Service

Under our Value Guarantee, additional niche sites may be created at no charge if required, to boost the turnover of your business up to target.

The process of building backlinks will need to be undertaken by your own staff following our sales and marketing training though the main links will need to come from your existing hotel site to promote the niche sites.

All necessary staff training is included at no extra charge.

The minimum contract term for our
Marketing My Service Package is three years. However, monthly payments may be ceased or reduced pro rata after two years if the guaranteed turnover increase is not being achieved (see 'Our Value Guarantee'). Monthly payments may also be ceased after two years if it looks as if your payments will exceed 15% of your increased turnover in Yrs 2,3, & 4, over the initial three-year contract period.

The amount of the monthly retainer paid in the initial three year period will be based on 15% of the anticipated increase in turnover over the three years commencing from Year Two, that our marketing keys will unlock for your business. The minimum monthly fee is £500 PCM payable either by standing order mandate or by a continuous payment authority on a credit card.

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