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Niche Offer Websites (NOW) enable SEO prominence and Adwords Relevance in each niche

1. Leisure Sector

With the recession cutting sales after 2009, by 2011 our turnover had halved.

It took a couple of years for the drop in bookings to have an effect, as so many of our events are booked so far in advance.

But in 2011, my turnover at the castle had halved. Meanwhile the cleaning agencies and franchise were just ticking over and could no longer be relied upon to produce the usual £300k in annual profits. I needed another £1/2m to fund the castle's slow restoration.

I worked out I would lose £200,000 in the 2011/2012 year plus I needed another £500k for continued Capex. The bank listened to me explain why I needed £700,000 for the 2011/2012 financial year, went a bit quiet, and left.

I wonder now what they were saying to each other that day, in their car on the way back. How could a loss making business casually ask for £700k. Was I potty? They probably thought so. Maybe they felt pity, if banks can stretch that far emotionally (hmmm).

The local banking branch referred us to their Global Recovery Group, aka the Global Restructuring Group. No longer where we with our nice friendly cuddly local branch. GRG, as RBS's Global Restructuring Group became known, was later revealed to be an asset stripping operation. It is now the subject of a host of compensation claims.

The RBS's Global Restructuring Group promptly demanded the repayment of our £120k overdraft. Realising the game was probably up, I put the Castle up for sale.

Someone offered £950,000 but I told them politely to go away.

For a few weeks, I still had a choice....

With imminent closure looming, a total loss of the business imminent, and no way out, I then, quite by chance, hit upon my fourth Marketing Key.

My wife was the catalyst for this. Both of us were playing the lottery, hoping for a miracle! She came up with an idea for a website to create winning lottery numbers. It was a fun project. It made no money, but it did make us learn how to use the 'X5 Media' website design program. I was able to write and design my first Niche Offer Website.

What the Internet had taken away with one hand (on the cleaning agencies), it was about to give back in spades with the other hand.

The NOW Marketing Key, as I called it, started working within days.

It promptly unlocked a flow of new customers, doubling sales overnight. The sales poured in.

We lived off the deposits on new bookings, every £2,000 deposit going straight to the bank. £20k worth a month.

Within 18 months the overdraft was cleared and the bank said they were 'flabbergasted' I found the money.

Unlike Marketing Keys One Two and Three, this is was all done without any significant marketing or increase in sales personnel. In fact my staff at this time had halved, as I could not afford to employ them. My castle restoration builders team reduced from 8 full time builders to 2 (I did manage to keep two).

Eventually we did need more staff again though, to run all the events.

As of Winter 2011, due to the halving of turnover and complete disaster looming, I had already made the marketing department redundant and cut the salesforce from 8 to 1. Yet Marketing Key 4 allowed the sales to double, using just one salesperson where before I'd had up to 8 staff in 'sales and marketing' roles.

This is a breakthrough concept that I've never seen any marketing guru espouse. It replaced 8 staff, and did a better job of getting in customers than those original 8 people had ever managed, even before the 2008 banking crisis.

At the time I knew nothing about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and did not know how to write my own websites.

I had been paying a website designer upwards of £2,000 a month just to write and maintain our main Castle site. As he knew nothing about SEO either - he was merely a 'designer' of websites - the only way we could get business in was by piggybacking on those sites that were at the top of Google.

I had employed two full time marketing chaps to systematically link us to the top 20 - 30 Directory sites in each niche category. At one point we were monitoring 2,000 directory websites, watching where they appeared on Google and MSN, spending approaching £70,000 on the link building process (marketing staff costs and cost of the links).

This wasn't SEO backlinks, merely a series of no-follow links from specialist niche Directory Sites to our main castle site.

The eight main niches we promoted were 1) Weddings, 2) Conferences, 3) Group Accommodation, 4) B&B & Holidays, 5) Self Catering Holidays, 6) Dog Friendly B&B, 7) Ghost Hunting, 8) Visitor Attractions. By 2008 we were attracting loads of enquiries across most of these marketing niches, and had £1.2m of turnover in the castle business.

Until the Recession caused enquiries to dry up and conversion to sale to halve, I had no need of another Marketing Key. My system of linking to the top Directory Sites and the ILM - Internet Links Monitor - directed all our advertising efforts.

Most hotels, holidays and events venues will still be marketing themselves using this one Marketing Key (on-line directories and booking agents), plus possibly some Pay Per Click on Google for their own website.

The new 2012 Marketing Key was so simple - NOW.

NOW is a 'niche offer' website and you have one NOW for the main niche service and then a load of smaller NOWs for the other niches you uncover, and dedicated pages for each sub-niche (see dog friendly weddings as an example of a page devoted to a sub-niche).

MY NOW wedding website was quickly followed by a succession of niche interest sites:

dog friendly B&B,

ghost hunting,

self-catering farmhouse holidays,


group accomodation, etc.

Each site could gradually be 'SEO' optimised individually for each niche. Adwords worked better as ads pointed to a niche-specific relevant website.

Two or three non-performing niches were dropped eventually, leaving dogs, ghosts and weddings as the main workable niches.

It sounds nothing much, but the devil is in the detail. Some of these sites are substantial 500 page sites, full of quality content (which Google supposedly likes IF people read them), and take a lot of time to build.

So if you thought it was enough to have the one main site for your business, think again!  

I discovered this was not the case at all.

Depending on the nature of your own business, you too may discover you need as many separate niche offer sites as you have different products and services!

You then link them all to each other, thus increasing their Google ranking, by creating your own 'web-ring'.

Yes, some SEO chaps will say Google penalises this sort of thing, but it seems to work for me. All the niche sites now generate their own organic traffic, in addition to Adwords, facebook click-throughs, and in-bound links from my other sites.

If a Niche Site decides due to some change in Google's algorithms to plummet off the top few pages into instant obscurity, you can instantly revive it with Adwords. You very quickly know if this pays or not as

1. Your adwords can be better monitored within the niche site, so you can see where they go and how long they stay on that site.

2. Actual bookings from Adwords for that niche can be monitored, as should organic clicks drop very low, you know any increase in bookings is then entirely down to your Adwords campaign.

3. Adwords clicks that stay on the site a reasonable length of time seem to have the effect of boosting the site organically again, as Google sees the site is getting more traffic, so Adwords seems to have an SEO effect also

With weddings, if I find I am not getting enough viewings, I can simply increase the Adwords spend by £500 or a £1,000 and as I then get instant surges in viewings and sales. I see an identifiable, worthwhile Return on Investment. Adwords targeted at niche sites which then generate bookings become measurable costs against measurable income. This is not always so possible with internet marketing, as you cannot always track source of enquiry.  

Understanding the way this NOW marketing idea works and why it works will surprise you and may be your very own 'light bulb' moment.  

Read more here.

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The Fourth

Marketing Key


With the recession cutting sales after 2009, turnover halved. After two years of struggle and blind alleys. I chanced across my fourth Marketing Key.

It unlocked a new flow of incoming customers, doubling sales overnight.

Unlike Marketing Key Three, this is all done without employing any marketing or sales personnel.

The niche offer website becomes your salesman, selling for you every day, a message tailored to the specific niche interest of your targeted audience.

Due to the recession, I had already made the marketing department redundant and cut the salesforce from 8 to 1.

This is a breakthrough concept that I've never seen any marketing guru espouse. The idea is simple - a 'niche offer' website
for each niche service you provide.

You need as many separate sites as you have different products and services!

You then link them all to each other, thus increasing their Google ranking, by creating your own 'web-ring'.

Dog Holidays

Our Niche Offer Website on Dog Friendly B&B in Wales sat near the top of first page 'organically' in Google for most Wales dog friendly B&B and dog friendly hotel searches for five years.

Latterly it has dropped off a bit and on my return to the castle after 8 months away, I noticed the car park looked rather empty midweek. B&B bookings were down and it was the first week of July. The place should be full.

So I put a small Adwords campaign on it which promptly filled the courtyard with cars again. The Adwords campaign also seemed to encourage Google to put it up higher again!

Google maps is of course handy as well.

This niche marketing approach aimed at dog owners generates useful midweek dog friendly B&B breaks, filling our rural hotel at times when we would otherwise have few bookings.

It features lots of local dog walks, which has linked the site to various places of interest. People searching for these named places of interest will often find the Dog site on page one of Google for that specific area of interest.

Marketing Key Cost: at a guess Circa £8,000 a year. Gross income circa £150,000 plus, with a good level of repeat custom.

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